Sunday, 10 June, 2007

US Scientists demonstrate wirless technology!

Hi all,

US Scientists have once again made an amazing job recently. Yes, they have developed a way to made it easier to power the other device wirelessly,by solidly testing an electric bulb.

The experiment set up goes in this way...

They have taken two 60 cm copper coils with an source(transmitter),which is attached to a power supply and the destination(receiver), placed 7 ft away to a light bulb.

The discovered technology could charge a 60W light bulb from a distance of 2m (7ft), which it could also be used to charge a LAPTOP in future, just to patch up the low battery problem which we many of us face nowdays... :)

It would be better if we could get better power from the source wirelessly, would be a way to solve plenty of issues in the daily life... Isnt it ?!!

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