Thursday, 5 July, 2007

Heathrow joins trial of RFID scheme!!!

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You would have read my early RFID topic on the same theme, here am just giving you the update on my thread :)

Heathrow will be using the RFID to track the baggage lost and the trial for the same will be done before September. I guess, this is the first time where RFID's are used in the AIRPORT that too for tracking the baggage loss... isnt it? See, how the techies have been improved worldwide.. Its nice to hear that RFID is getting familiarised everywhere :)

Heathrow will become the largest European airport to track passenger baggage using radio frequency identification (RFID) when trials begin in September. Airport operator BAA will install the infrastructure on selected check-in desks to tag bags with RFID chips, which will then be scanned on entry into the baggage system. BAA will compare the read rates of RFID chips with existing barcode readers. ‘This will allow us to compare the success rate of RFID technology against our existing system,’ said a BAA spokeswoman. ‘We will then examine that insight to understand the benefits it offers.’

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) last month announced a plan to detail the cost of RFID infrastructure and how airports should proceed. ‘Such trials are incredibly valuable in building momentum for the introduction of RFID, and we are anxious to see the results,’ said Iata spokesman Lorne Riley. ‘It is particularly welcome because of the volume of passengers and baggage that Heathrow processes.’ RFID could save airports and airlines £400m a year in reduced baggage losses and replacement of existing messaging systems.

A trial of RFID technology at Heathrow could encourage other airports to roll out the infrastructure, says Peter Harrop, chairman at RFID analyst ID TechEx. ‘The funding must come from airports because they are more financially stable than airlines, and if the biggest airport involved can prove the financial case, others will follow,’ he said. ‘Heathrow will benefit from fewer lost bags and better efficiency through automation. But the real benefit comes when every bag is tagged at every airport and airline.’

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