Thursday, 10 September, 2009

Think about the services desgined without SOA Governance Layer!

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I really feel apologize for not being active for a very long time, as I was strucked up as usual not doing any great work! :-) Jokes apart... :)

In this post, "Think about the services desgined without SOA Governance Layer!", we shall discuss the drawbacks of services which are not designed under the Governance model.
Before going to the topic in depth, we can know the definition of keywords: SOA/Governance model.

SOA: (Service Oriented Architecture):-

i) SOA is an architectural style based on the concept of a service, that enables business agility. -architectural style means SOA is a way of planning, designing, implementing &managing IT systems. -business agility means that the strength of SOA is to provide benefit to business in the form of agility(implies wrap&re-use)
ii) Producer & Consumer interact in a loosely coupled manner via an independent interface contract.
-Service Implementation is independent of platform and language. -Service Providers and their interfaces must be discoverable in some manner. -Service Virtualization

SOA Governance:- definition from TIBCO

SOA Governance is about Accountability (clear roles and responsibilities), Visibility (of assets and their access control, and Auditability (who did what) through the entire lifecycle.
1. Decide what services to expose 2. Register the services 3. Monitor environment 4. Secure services 5. Manage Service Level Agreements for operational assurance 6. Virtualize the services for location transparency and high availability 7. Integrate/Mediate Services

So, what happens if I do design my services without SOA Governance?

When the developers implements security, they must understand :-
- The Security standards and how to implement them in all technologies, packages ex: .NET,J2EE - Policies definitions are not globally defined, applied and managed - Policies are applied atomically to the services by the developer,since it is implemented to the particular service and any change that needs to be done might affect the behaviour of the code. - Policy changes typically require developers to modify all the affected code.
- Needs redeployment of all the modified services.

By the above points, we must have come to know the importance of designing an architecture with the Governance model

How it resolves? What are the types of SOA Governance? How it can be implemented?

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Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

My fantastic experience with Stock Market :D

It was a pleasant day when stock market bell was rang and when markets reached its peak of 21k points. I was very happy to see that I booked 22k profit in the stock market game. I could have taken all my money back and I could have closed my Demat account, but did i do that way??? Nope!! I waited for screwing market to travel 35k so that I could earn around 30 -35k profit.

Damn, i know its too much to expect from this game. But the end result is something different which even Steven Spielberg did not think of it. Thank God, I have the double amount of loss in my portfolio???(i.e, in the arithmetic calculation 25*2=50k)) :( Will God save this jealous man?? Who knows, even God might have invested in the stock market and could have lost his money somewhere.... :D

I am seriously thinking of some alternatives to avoid this crash... Okay, let me not close demat account now( I should know that i cannot close it eventhough they force me to, as my money has been locked inside like hell)... Let me wait for another 2 years to see atleast no negative digits seen in my account... Damn Red color must disappear, and I am least bothered to see the green colour in future... !


My wonderful journey with TIBCO..

Hello friends,

It was hardly a year back i came to know about TIBCO, since I worked on different Production support projects in webMethods(now SoftwareAG). It was initially hard to digest when i was asked to work for Development projects (since i killed most of my learning & useful time in night shifts)...

Everything seemed to be new when i had seen the Designer of TIBCO BW. The first appearance was simply excellent when compared to webmethods(which i dont like to see... the reason might be because in Production support projects you rarely get a chance to open wMdeveloper itself) :D

TIBCO Designer with its awesome appearance, easy to work(drag and drop), excellent look and feel attracted my interest towards it. Within a month or so, i completed my BW certification with flying hatts ;) I started to dig the TIBCO's suite of products... !! Each and every product of it seem to be interesting. TIBCO's i-process(BPM), TIBCO's award winning Businessworks, TIBCO's Activematrix(SOA), TIBCO's Businessevents(Complex Event Processing), TIBCO's spotfire(BI), TIBCO's Businessfactor(BAM)..... continues...

Is this the reason TIBCO called the Power of Now?? :)


Disclaimer: This post has been posted by my own individual interest and none can be claimed as responsibilty ;)