Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

My fantastic experience with Stock Market :D

It was a pleasant day when stock market bell was rang and when markets reached its peak of 21k points. I was very happy to see that I booked 22k profit in the stock market game. I could have taken all my money back and I could have closed my Demat account, but did i do that way??? Nope!! I waited for screwing market to travel 35k so that I could earn around 30 -35k profit.

Damn, i know its too much to expect from this game. But the end result is something different which even Steven Spielberg did not think of it. Thank God, I have the double amount of loss in my portfolio???(i.e, in the arithmetic calculation 25*2=50k)) :( Will God save this jealous man?? Who knows, even God might have invested in the stock market and could have lost his money somewhere.... :D

I am seriously thinking of some alternatives to avoid this crash... Okay, let me not close demat account now( I should know that i cannot close it eventhough they force me to, as my money has been locked inside like hell)... Let me wait for another 2 years to see atleast no negative digits seen in my account... Damn Red color must disappear, and I am least bothered to see the green colour in future... !


My wonderful journey with TIBCO..

Hello friends,

It was hardly a year back i came to know about TIBCO, since I worked on different Production support projects in webMethods(now SoftwareAG). It was initially hard to digest when i was asked to work for Development projects (since i killed most of my learning & useful time in night shifts)...

Everything seemed to be new when i had seen the Designer of TIBCO BW. The first appearance was simply excellent when compared to webmethods(which i dont like to see... the reason might be because in Production support projects you rarely get a chance to open wMdeveloper itself) :D

TIBCO Designer with its awesome appearance, easy to work(drag and drop), excellent look and feel attracted my interest towards it. Within a month or so, i completed my BW certification with flying hatts ;) I started to dig the TIBCO's suite of products... !! Each and every product of it seem to be interesting. TIBCO's i-process(BPM), TIBCO's award winning Businessworks, TIBCO's Activematrix(SOA), TIBCO's Businessevents(Complex Event Processing), TIBCO's spotfire(BI), TIBCO's Businessfactor(BAM)..... continues...

Is this the reason TIBCO called the Power of Now?? :)


Disclaimer: This post has been posted by my own individual interest and none can be claimed as responsibilty ;)